Finding the right realtor to help you acquire & sell your project is key to maximizing your profit.

Having represented developers and builders all over the Westside since 1985, Damon truly understands that while each project is unique, your goals as a developer are usually the same; to front load the best opportunity on the buy, construct your value, then sell the project for the most amount of money, in the least amount of time, and sleep well at night in the process.

With Damon Kronsberg of Coldwell Banker as your agent, you can be assured that your property will be aggressively, intelligently and effectively marketed, and your investment dollars maximized. With over 30 years experience and an unparalleled marketing plan to back it up, he knows what works, what doesn’t, and isn’t afraid to explore ‘outside of the box’ options. Vast usage of cutting edge internet based technology coupled with old fashioned tried-and-true principles and fresh creativity are the cornerstones of Damon’s way.

He has a strong track record of sales behind him, the mighty strength of Coldwell Banker beside him, and optimistically a partnership with you ahead of him. Call Damon at 310.633.4900 and give him the opportunity to demonstrate, in detail, his powerful and highly effective marketing campaign. You’ve done what you do best, now let Damon do what he does best…

…Because your project is way too important to list with just any real estate agent.

Partial List of Previously Sold New Construction Homes, Condominiums & Condo Conversion Projects by Damon

917 2nd St., Santa Monica – 14 Unit Condo Project
2002 4th St., Santa Monica – 38 Unit Condo project
519 California Ave., Santa Monica – 14 Unit Condo Project
817 6th St., Santa Monica – 7 Unit Condo Project
848 9th St., Santa Monica – 10 Unit Condo Project
1043 11th St., Santa Monica – 5 Unit Condo Project
842-844 12th St., Santa Monica – 6 Unit Condo Project
848-850 Euclid St. Santa Monica – 6 Unit Condo Project
1328 Franklin St., Santa Monica – 7 Unit Condo Project
1457 Centinela Ave., Santa Monica – 7 Unit Condo Project
131 N. Gale St., Beverly Hills – 19 Unit “Condop” Project
2003 Alberta Ave., Venice – New Construction