Why use Damon to find a property?

If it’s for sale, you’ll know it: Often before anyone else does.

The best listings often sell even before their first open house, regardless of market conditions. If you’re a serious buyer, you need the advantage of timely information. With Damon’s extensive contacts, wide network and 30+ years on the Westside, you’re ensured instant access to new and pocket listings…often before they hit the MLS.

Market-wise: comps, solds, in-escrows:

To know when a property is a solid value, you’ve got to know the market. Damon will arm you with the tools you’ll need -historic, current and comparable data; so you can make a bulls-eye offer in an ever changing market.


Streamline the process with showings arranged by an agent who understands the value of your time, the demands of your schedule, and what’s important to you. Avoid endless internet searching from third party apps and websites that are frequently outdated and inaccurate. Sure you can search for properties here, just like any other site, but finding the property is only the first step in a series of much more complicated ones. So don’t go it alone. Take advantage of Damon’s 30+ years experience in brokering real estate deals on the Westside. And the best part is, his service to you as a Buyer is free.


Offers, much like homes, need to be packaged, marketed and sold. Bringing a solid offer to the table entails so much more than just filling out a contract or naming a price. It demands presentation of both your offer and you. When Damon presents an offer on your behalf, it resonates. Every avenue is explored. The “i’s” are dotted; the “t’s” are crossed.


You don’t want one without the other. The search for a home should be about enjoying the process and teamwork. A realtor’s skills should make you feel comfortable, unpressured, and in control. That’s why Damon’s clients keep coming back. House after house, deal after deal.